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15. srpna 2007 v 12:50 | Nightee |  . hudba
ehm... no, toto je muj kompletni playlist, abecedně řazený seznam kapel, které pravidelně poslouchám. jestli to vážně někdo chcete doopravdy číct, asi si k tomu přineste kafe :)
poslední aktualizace 16.3.08

7 seconds, 1905, 88 fingers louie, 5 days ahead, 31knots, 59 times the pain, the 90 day man, 5000 rpm, 7654 stories, 1000 travels of jawaharlal
above this fire, acrimonie, actionmen, adept, adhesive, adoloscents, adonis battlefield, adorno, afraid!, after school knife fight, after the sirens, after the tragedy, ahimsa sunrise, ache/emelie, airfare, akephal, akissforjersey, albert react, alcatraz, algernon cadwallader, alison ranger, alkaline trio, am i dead yead, amalthea, amanda woodward, amber inn, ambry, ampere, amputee set, amulet, anathallo, anatomy of a ghost, and none of them knew they were robots, angel hair, anger is beautiful, angora static, anias, annihilation time, anomie, another rising, antidote, antioch arrow, anton bordman, the apollo program, the apoplexy twist orchestra, arab on radar, arches, architects, armchairpolitician, armor for the broken, army of flying robots, army of ponch, an arrow in flight, articles of faith, as flames die out, ASSFACTOR 4, asshole parade, the assistant, atombombpocketknife, audience of one, audio karate, authority zero, autopilot off, autumn delac, avail, away from here
bad astronaut, bagman, barra head, bats and mice, batalion of saints, bayside, beerbong, before their eyes, before today, behead the prophet no lord shall live, behind crimson eyes, bells on trike, benard, beneath low flying planes, benton falls, bitween home and serenity, big black, biology, the birds are spies, they report to the trees, BIRTHDAY BOYZ, bitch magnet, black eyes, black flag, the black heart rebellion, the black maria, black paper diary, the blackout, blast stereos loud, bleeding kansas, blinded black, blindside, the blood brothers, blue monday, blue skies at war, bluetip, BOB TILTON, boilermaker, book of dead names, books lie, born against, bouncing souls, boysetsfire, boys life, brainworms, brand new, brand new sunset, bravo armada, BRAVO FUCKING BRAVO, the briefs, bright calm blue, the bronx, brutal knights, bucket full of teeth, bullet train to vegas, burden of a day, burning airlines, burns out bright
cadillac blindside, calling gina clark, camber, cameran, cancer bats, the cancer kids, candyland carcrash, captain everything, carreer suicide, carlisle, a case of grenada, THE CASUALTIES, catena collapse, caught in the fall, cauterize, cease upon the capitol, celeste, the city of caterpillar, clair de lune, clit 45, clorox girls, cobra kai, codeseven, colossal, colossamite, comadre, combat wounded veteran, CONSTATINE SANKATHI, consumed, corea, corn on macabre, course of action, cowboys became folk heroes, cowboys are indians, craigs brother, crime in stereo, criteria, cross my heart, curl up and die, cursive, chamberlain, chaotic alliance, charles bronson, cheap sex, chemical vocation, chino horde, CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE, chune
d.o.a., DAG NASTY, daggermouth, DAITRO, damezumari, damiera, dance gavin dance, daniel striped tiger, das oath, day at the fair, a day in black and white, days in december, a days refrian, dazzling killmen, dead by mistake, dead fly boy, dead hearts, dead low tide, the dead milkmen, deadseraphim, dear diary, i seem to be dead, dear tonight, dear whoever, death before disco, death is not glamorous, death threat, decahedron, deciding tonight, deep wound, defdump, descendents, desole, destroyer destroyer, detonators, DEVAR-TOI, deviates, devil sold his soul, die hoffnung, DIE, EMPEROR! DIE!, diffuser, dillinger four, dimlaia, direct control, disco ensemble, the dismemberment plan, dispensing of false halos, the distillers, dividing the line, do android dream of electric sheep?, dodewaard, dominic, don martin three, donnybrook!, dot flash line, down by fire, the draft, driver side impact, dropkick murphys, the dying californian, dufresne, a dying dream
eagle bravo, the early november, eaves, econochrist, egg hunt, ekkaia, elements of need, eleven minutes away, eleventh he reaches the london, emarosa, elliot, emery, encrypt manuscript, encyklopedia of american traitors, end of the year, endless inertia, the end of the century party, endzweck, ENGERICA, enoch ardon, ensign, enter the collector, envy, envydust, ephen rian, the ergs!, escapado, et tu brute, eternal tango, ethel meserve, eucalypt, EURICH, evergreen, ex models, examination of the..., the explosion, eyes like black stars, eyes of verotika
face tomorrow, faced moment, fairweather, the falcon, the fall of boss koala, fal on deaf years, falling forward, far from finished, a farewell rescue, fear before the march of flames, fiction like non-fiction, fifth hour hero, fight paris, fin fang foom, final conflict, a fine boat, that coffin!, fingerbang, finch, fire divine, fire in the attic, fire team charlie, five fingers half a hand, flashbulb memory, flood of red, floorpunch, A FLOWER KOLLAPSED, flowers in the attic, the flying forker, wor the mathematics, fordirlifesake, forstella ford, four hundred years, foxy shazam, a fragile shade, francis brady, frantic mantis, free kitten, the freeze, frenzal rhomb, frodus, from safety to where, fuck da karot, fucked up, funeral diner
g.a.s. drummers, gallows, gallows holier than the cross, GAMENESS, the gamits, gang green, gantz, gauge means nothing, gavin portland, gay for johnny depp, the germs, get fucked, the ghost of thousand, girls against boys, give up the ghost, glasseater, glory of this, GONE WITH THE PAIN, good riddance, goodwill, gorilla angreb, gorilla biscuits, government issue, government warning, the graduate, gray matter, the great redneck hope, guns up!, guttermouth, guyana punch line
h2o, the hal al shedad, hand to hand, haram, harriet the spy, hassan i sabbah, haste, the hated, have heart, haymarket riot, he is legend, head wound city, heart shed, HEAVEN IN HER ARMS, heavens, heavy heavy low low, hell is for heroes, hello space cowboy, her breath on glass, her words kill, herbrightskies, a hero next door, heroin, hog wash, the holy fucking spirit, the holy mountain, hondo maclean, hoods, hoover, the hope conspiracy, horror city, horse tha band, hot snakes, hot cross, hot hot heat, hot water music, HOUR OF THE STAR, how to beat a dead horse, hyacinth
i am the resurrection, i create, i hate kate, I HATE MYSELF, i have dreams, i pilot daemon, i spoke, i wish i, i would set myself on fire for you, i wrote haikus about canibalism in your yearbook, I, ROBOT, ice nine kills, if lucy fell, ignition, imbroco, in first person, IN LOVING MEMORY, in pieces, in/humanity, the indecision alarm, INDEX FOR POTENTIAL SUICIDE, INDIAN SUMMER, inkwell, integrity, intohimo, it prevails, IVICH
jairus, japanther, jasemine, JAWBREAKER, the jazz june, jenny piccolo, jeromes dreams, jesse washington, the jesus lizard, jet black, jet market, JETS TO BRAZIL, jfa, john henry west, the jonbenet, joshua fit for battle, jugheads revenge, june paik, just surrender
kafka, kaospilot, kerosene 454, THE KHAYEMBII COMMUNIQUE, kias fansuri, kid down, kid dynamite, kid kilowatt, the kidcrash, KIDS EXPLODE, kids in the way, kids like us, kill kim novak, kill sadie, kill the man who questions, kill your idols, killed by malaise, killing the dream, kinetic crash kooperation, the kinison, kite flying society, knotwork, kolya
LA QUIETE, lack, lagwagon, LAKMÉ, l´antietam, lars frederiksen and the bastards, last days of april, last of the believers, latterman, the lawrence arms, leatherface, left hand cuts the right, les savy fav, the letters organize, lhasa, liars, lickgoldensky, life at these speeds, a life in vain, life in your way, light the fuse and run, limp wrist, the little explorer, live fast die, the living end, lock and key, logs, look mexico, a loss for words, LOST CITY ANGELS, love like... electrocution, love lost but not forgotten, the loved ones, the lower definition, lumber, lungfish
madball, makara, make me, malady, malkovich, manrae, manumission, the maple room, marathon, mars volta, marschak, mass movement of the moth, maths, maximillian colby, mayans, mdc, me and him call it us, ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES, meleeh, merel, mesa verde, mewithoutyou, MIHAI EDRISCH, mikoto, milemarker, million dead, minor threat, the miracle of 86, misconduct, the mission in motion, the mock heroic, modern life is war, mohinder, moneen, more than a thousand, the movielife, mozart season, much the same, the murder of rosa luxemburg, my cubic emotion, my heart to joy at the same tone, my lai, myfashionlove,
naked raygun, native nod, navio forge, need a job, neil perry, nervous light of sunday, nevea tears, never is a promise, new end original, new mexican disaster squad, nightmare of you, nitro mega prayer, no fun at all, no hollywood ending, no hope for the kids, no more lies, mo motiv, nofx, NOISE SINS OF THE INSECT, none more black, not available, nothington, the now, the number twelve looks like you, nuzzle
occams rasor, odd project, off minor, oh, you skeleton!, okara, oktober skyline, old man gloom, olive tree, on the last day, on the might of princes, one eyed god prophecy, the one up downstairs, only crime, ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF ACHING, optimus prime, ordination of aaron, orchestrate the incident, ORCHID, osker, our last night, owltian mia
paint it black, palatka, panthers, the party of helicopters, patterns makes sunrise, pendleton, penknifelovelife, a perfect kiss, a petal fallen, pg.99, phasma phasmatis, phoenix bodies, peirce the veil, pilot to gunner, pistol grip, pistolita, plans for revenge, please inform the captain this is a hijack, plunger, pmx, poison idea, polar bear club, policy of 3, portraits of past, pridebowl, projeck rocket, pulley, pyramids
quicksand, quantice never crashed, quest for quiana roo, querencia, the queers, quiet steps
radio boroughs, radon, raein, rats into robots, raw power, reagen youth, the reatards, red animal war, red lights flash, red lipstick letter, the red scare, the refused, regulations, regulator watts, rentokill, republic of freedom fighters, reuben, reversal of men, revok, ribbon fix, righteous jams, RITES OF SPRING, rival schools, river city rebels, riverboat gamblers, roadside monument, rockets and blue lights, rosewell, rye coalition
saddest day, THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE, the sainte catherinas, santo caserie, satanic surfers, say anything, scapegoat, screeching weasel, the sea, the sea, second story window, secret lives of the freemason, SED NON SATIATA, seeing means more, sense field, sesame street, set it straight, set your goals, seven storey mountain, sha hulud, she died real pretty, she notes the chariots, she spits macabre, she want revenge, shelter, shikari, SHOKEI, shook ones, short suply, shortie, shotmaker, SHOWBREAD, shroomunion, silbato, silent drive, sinking steps... rising eyes, sky corvair, a skylit drive, slapshot, sleeper set sail, sleeping at last, sleepytime trio, slowride, small brown bike, small towns burning little slower, a small victory, smart went crazy, smoke or fire, soar, social distortion, soiled doves, some girls, SOMEPLACE TO HIDE, something corporate, song of zarathustra, soul side, soul she said, spazz, the spectacle, spirit assembly, spirit of versailles, the spirit that guides us, stars hide fire, stare route 522, the static age, statistics, steeples, still life, stop it!!, straight away, street dogs, street smart cyclist, stretch arm strong, strike anywhere, strung out, styx, suicide file, suicide note, suis la lune, sun eats hors, swallow! swallow! splinter!, the swellers, the swing kids
takaru, TAKE DOWN YOUR ART, tear it up, ten and two, ten foot pole, ten grand, ten yard fight, TEXTBOOK TRAITORS, thebleedingalarm, thema 11, there for tomorrow, these arms are snakes, these green eyes, they sleep they dream, this day forward, this flood covers the earth, this is a standoff, this is hell, this machine kills, thought riot, three letter engagement, three shades of dirty, throwdown, to dram of autumn, to what end?, toru okada, toxic reasons, trainwreck, transistor transistor, transplants, the trigger quintet, trilofy of the same story, tristan tzara, trophy scars, true north, tsunami bomb, TUNES FOR BEARS TO DANCE TO, turbostaat, twelve hour tourn, twenty2, the twisted minds, tyler read, tyranny of shaw
u.s.bombs, ultimate warriors, ultra dolphins, unherd, union 12, universal order of armageddon, unsane, unwound, upper class trash, USURP SYNAPSE, utarid
VAN JOHNSON, the van pelt, THE VANDALS, vaux, vendetta red, the vidablue, vincent prices orphan powered death machine, violent breakfast, vitreous humor, vuur
the walls youve built, warzone, waterdown, waxwing, we are the fury, WE FLY OUR KITES AT NIGHT, we killed yamamoto, weatherbox, welcome the plague year, western addiction, what price, wonderland?, winger, a wish for marilynne, with honor, with horses in her eyes, words mean nothing, world burns to death, WORTHLESS WITHOUT, WOW, OWLS!, wrong the to quit, who calls so loud
yaphett kotto, yage, yesterday´s rising, youth brigade, yourcodenameis:milo, youth of today, yossarian is drowning, you and i, you are in my september, young pioneers, young widows
zeke, zann, zegota, zombie ate my neighbours, zero boys, zero down


Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Desdemone Desdemone | Web | 15. srpna 2007 v 15:44 | Reagovat

Páni:D teda, slečno, Vám toho ale v hlavě musí znít...:D

2 Čarda Čarda | Web | 2. září 2007 v 21:27 | Reagovat

Ty brďo! To jsou vážně všecko kapely? Asi to bude znít dost... dalo by se říct v e s n i c k y, ale já neznám ani jednu! To jsem takový balík? ?!? No, hm, asi to bude spíš tím, že je to trochu jiný styl než poslouchám já, že? :o)))

Ale seznam je to teda úctyhodný... :o) (vidíš ne? až jsem se musela ozvat :D)

3 Nightee Nightee | E-mail | 14. září 2007 v 19:24 | Reagovat

čarda: vsecko kapely :) no, ze je neznas... nekdy mam pocit ze v tyhle republice je nezna nikdo krom me :D

hm, vim.... jsem prastena hudebni zavislacka ;)

4 lucie lucie | 7. listopadu 2007 v 15:45 | Reagovat

ahoj ozveš se mi na icq:338769774 a poslala bys mi pisnicky od yesterday's rising? prosím

5 Monica.Ma$$aCre Monica.Ma$$aCre | Web | 29. dubna 2008 v 16:25 | Reagovat

No a myslim, že by si každý měsíc mohla ještě dopisovat co? Je až neuvěřitelný kolik toho člověk poslouchá... A hlavně kolik těch kapel je a nikdo o nich třeba ani neví... :)

Jinak jsem tu už hrozně dlouho... Dokonalý blog. Teda spíš ty jako osoba... :)

6 Nightee Nightee | 30. dubna 2008 v 22:41 | Reagovat

kazdy mesic? bych mohla dopisovat kazdej den :) A diky ti za prizen :)

7 Štefan Štefan | E-mail | 29. března 2011 v 23:28 | Reagovat

Ahojky, můžeš se mi ozvat? Posloucháš tu skupinu z Assexu? Myslím Engericu... Můj FB je Stefan Sortir Satanas Linek, tak tam mi můžeš klidně písnout, pokud sem ještě chodíš.

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